Pruning Paint

Natural organic wound treatment.

Pruning is an essential management practice used in the cultivation of many fruit crops and ornamentals. It helps create a convenient growth habit and reduces the impact of certain diseases, thereby promoting optimum growing conditions and productivity.


However, the pruning process can cause its own problems. A cut branch or stem produces an open wound which, until it heals, can be an easy entry point for other diseases. Such diseases include “trunk diseases” (eg Diplodia seriata) in vines and “cankers” (Coniothyrium spp) in roses for example.

Infection risk can be minimised by good pruning technique and good hygiene. Garlic Barrier™ Pruning Paint provides an additional resource to reduce the risk of disease infection still further.

Simply brush applied, Garlic Barrier™ Pruning Paint is an organic, approved wound and grafting sealer derived from, fresh, concentrated garlic extract, a natural substance containing high levels of selenium, sulphur and allicin. The extract is carefully formulated with other biologically active plant extracts, viscosity modifiers and stickers to ensure optimum performance. A dye giving the product a distinctive blue/green colour is also included to indicate where applications have been made.

Growers since ancient times have been aware that garlic plants (Allium sativum) deter certain diseases and insect pests. Today, garlic-based treatments are routinely used in the cultivation of many edible and ornamental crops to promote healthy plants and optimum profitability.


A pruning paint for use in many cultural situations to improve pruning and grafting hygiene and reduce the risk of harmful disease infection and associated losses.

Suitable for use in organic crop production.



  • Reduced risk of pruning or grafting-induced disease infections.undefined
  • Derived from natural garlic extract.
  • Compatible with IPM systems.
  • Simple and safe to use.
  • Kind to the environment.
  • Odourless soon after application.
  • Biodegradable


High concentration, fresh extract of garlic, other biologically active plant extracts and food grade blue indicator dye.

Pack Size

5 litre containers.

Also available in 250 ml bottles with a built-in applicator brush for the smaller scale/hobbyist user.