Garlic Wonder Fruit Tree Care

Garlic Wonder Fruit Tree Care for clean healthy fruit trees & bushes.

Garlic Wonder Fruit Tree Care is a very effective method of growing top and bush fruit with zero residues in a sustainable way reducing or eliminating the need for chemical treatment.

It is based on natural organic extract of garlic and other natural plant derived additives.


Suitable for use on all fruit trees and bushes.  regular use will simulate growth, give vigour and help produce beautiful fruit with its high sulphur and selenium content. 


Treated plants will become odourless within minutes of application and its use does not result in any other taint or flavour.

  • Ideal for fruit trees and bushes.
  • suitable for use in organic growing.
  • Adds no garlic smell or taste.
  • Can be used right up to harvest.
  • Fruit growth not retarded by chemical set back.


Contains natural garlic juice as a soluble concentrate.

Pack Size

500ml bottle of concentrate - making 5 litres of spray.