Business processes

Solufeed is a UK-based speciality fertilizer manufacturer and marketing company active in the high quality horticultural, agricultural and amenity sectors. Excellent products are supported by enviable commercial and technical services. During 60 years of trading Solufeed has built a reputation for quality, reliability and value becoming the fertilizer supply partner of choice for tens of thousands of growers throughout the world.


Product range overview

•Water soluble NPK fertilizers
•Chelated micronutrient fertilizers
•Foliar fertilizers
•Liquid NPK fertilizers
•Organic fertilizers
•Special products

These products are all manufactured to exacting international quality standards in the United Kingdom. We have dedicated solid and liquid manufacturing facilities supported by appropriate and adaptable packing lines, warehousing and distribution systems.

Products are available as stock/made to stock Solufeed brands with full commercial and technical support.

Alternatively we offer a private label service, where bespoke products can be designed, manufactured and supplied under your own livery. Private label clients benefit from our detailed industry knowledge, experience and economies of scale with all work carried out in the strictest confidentiality.

The Order Process

First contact Solufeed for a detailed quotation. To quote we need to have the following information:

•The exact specification of the product you require (we can assist here to ensure the best product for purpose)
•The order size (minimum one tonne)
•The pack size (see pack size options)
•Label requirements (see label options)
•Destination and transport method (eg container seafreight to Port of London)
•Any special instructions or requirements (eg special documentation)
•Payment method proposed

If you accept our quotation then we ask you for a written Order. Solufeed acknowledge that order with an Order Acknowledgement, and the product is then made for you, subject to the Solufeed Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Pack size options

Soluble powders:

50 gram sachet (40 x 50 x 50 gram per pallet)
1 kg retail pack (40 x 10 x 1 kg per pallet)
10 kg re-sealable bucket (70 x 10 kg per pallet)
10 kg plastic lined export carton (60 x 10 kg per pallet)Solufeed Packaging
20 kg bag (50 x 20 kg per pallet) standard fertiliser pack
25 kg plastic lined re-sealable fibreboard drum (27 x 25kg per pallet)
25 kg plastic lined export carton (20 x 25 kg per pallet
500 kg bulk bag

Liquid products:

1 litre (36 x 12 x 1 litre per pallet)
2.5 litre (48 x 4 x 2.5 litre per pallet)
5 litre (40 x 4 x 5 litre per pallet)
10 litre (36 x 2 x 10 per pallet)
20 litre (32 x 20 litre per pallet)
200 litre (4 x 200 litre per pallet)
1000 litre IBC

Label options

Local language labels to your order
Full colour photographic labels
Own brand labels

Advice is available to ensure full Regulatory compliance where appropriate.

Solufeed is experienced in arranging shipments to all parts of the world. We usually ship in 20 foot shipping containers (20 x 1 tonne pallets) but we can also arrange smaller shipments, road transport and even airfreight if required.

All necessary shipping documents, see list below, are arranged by Solufeed and despatched by courier to the customer.


  • Invoice
  • Standard Letter of Credit
  • Packing list Standard T2L
  • Dangerous goods note If applicable
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Weight List
  • Phytosanitary Certificate
  • Bill of Lading
  • Fumigation Certificate ISPM 15
  • Express Way Bills
  • Container Packaging Declaration
  • ATR
  • NRM Analysis Certificate
  • EUR1
  • MSDS
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Certificate of Conformity

Solufeed have a long standing working relationship with a UK shipping agent who understands our business well. We use major shipping lines and haulage companies to ensure speedy and reliable delivery of the products