Potentate Update

Solufeed's potassium phosphite production gains REACh compliance.

We now have REACh compliance for our own manufactured potassium phosphite compound.  This material has been produced by Solufeed in the UK for the past twenty years with sales to many countries around the world.

As a result, we are very pleased to confirm the long term future of our three phosphite-based products - Potentate, Potentate Plus and Extra Potentate Plus.

Great news for growers, farmers and our value-chain partners!

All three products provide phosphorus in the mobile phosphite (HPO3) form. They are top quality, easy to use and convenient liquid formulations suitable for foliar application or via fertigation systems.


A basic, economical formulation containing just potassium and phosphorus (as phosphite).  Stimulates root action and non-vegetative growth.

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Potentate Plus

As Potentate but with added nitrogen to balance the phosphorus and potassium content supporting vegetative, leafy growth.  Ideal for leafy vegetables/salads where good leaf colour is essential for profitability. 

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Extra Potentate Plus

As Potentate Plus but with chelated micronutrients.

Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are further balanced and bolstered by a robust trace element pack. Ideal for use on crops growing in inert growing media such as peat or coir-based composts or poor quality soils (eg high pH). Here trace element deficiencies can be limiting affecting yields, quality and profitability.

Recommended for high-value crops to protect return on investment.

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Benefits of using Potentate products.

  • Better crop yields.
  • Improved crop quality.
  • Greater productivity.
  • Good regulatory compliance profile.
  • Easy to use liquids.
  • Made in England by Solufeed to international quality standards.


What is REACh?

REACh is a European Regulation related to the use of all chemicals. Its objective is to improve safety and protect human health and the environment by a process of Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.

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Why phosphite?

The phosphite anion,  [HPO3]2− is a chemically stable form of phosphorus which can be used as a substitute for the phosphate [PO4]3−  form found in conventional fertilizers.

Additionally, phosphites have been shown to promote beneficial, healthy plant growth in other ways.


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